Food Truck Branding: How to Build Your Brand in 2021

Food truck popularity is soaring, with many would-be restaurant owners or former restaurant owners deciding to own and operate a food truck. In 2021, food truck growth is expected to rise 6.8%, with more than 26,000 trucks on the road.

And with rising competition, it’s more important than ever to focus on food truck branding.

Your truck needs to stick out from the crowd. When potential customers drive by, the right branding can help them identify your truck. If you’re not already branding your food truck, it’s time to start.

Food Truck Branding 101

How can you make your food truck stand out in the sea of other food trucks? One way is to brand your truck in a creative and eye-catching way. The truck should be your advertisement.

But how? Where do you start?

Work With a Professional Designer

If you’re a cook, you know that cooking is an art. It took you a long time to master certain dishes. Graphic designers also take time to master their craft. Don’t try and create your own: 

  • Color scheme
  • Logo
  • Designs

Why? You’re not a professional. You can, and should, work with a designer that can communicate your brand, visually, to your customers. The right designer will also create brand cohesion across your truck and marketing platforms.

Feature Your Menu

Your menu should be the focal point of your truck and close to the ordering window. Some food truck owners will paint or wrap their menus on their truck, but this is a bad idea.

What happens if your menu changes?

If you’re a taco truck, sure, you can add little taco pictures on your truck to help potential consumers identify what you sell. But you don’t want to plaster your menu all over your truck.

A removable menu that attaches to the side of your truck is a great idea and offers versatility if your menu changes in the future.

Commercial Wrapping

You can create a wonderful, full design for your truck that can be painted or wrapped on. Painting vs wrapping is a huge decision. Both have their advantages, but most people tend to wrap their trucks.


Wrapping provides:

  1.  A lot more design flexibility
  2. A cleaner look compared to painting
  3. More affordable in the long run
  4. The option to repaint your truck faster

If you decide to wrap your truck, make sure it aligns with your brand. Serving BBQ? You may want to have a wood-burning smoker in your design. If you’re serving vegetarian food, you may have a large leaf in your design.

The design should fit the theme of your food truck.

Continue Your Branding Online and Offline

There are a lot of elements that go into your truck’s design, many of which your designer will help you decide on. You want to remain consistent in everything from your marketing material to your social media presence.

This means you want to use the same:

  • Fonts
  • Color scheme
  • Logo
  • Catchphrase

When you brand your food truck, you’re helping build a foundation for your brand that can drive business to your truck month after month. Imagine going to a concert and there were 100 food trucks lined up that were all white.

Could you find your favorite food truck out of the 100 trucks that all look the same? No.

Your branding helps make your truck identifiable, even if there is a sea of competition serving the same type of food as you at the same location.

Branding a food truck is important, but once customers know your brand, you have to maintain it. Top-tier customer service, a friendly face and good food will help your business continue to grow.

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